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Instituti i Dialogut & Komunikimit
Adresa: Rruga "Myslym Shyri"
Pallati 47, Ap 4, Tiranë Albania

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Projekte dhe Aktivitete


• Albanian Transition and the Italian media - Round table discussion with the participation of a group of Italian journalists from the main printed and electronic Italian media outlets. 
• Transition and tradition - the Question of Weak States - a regional approach - Seminar organized in cooperation with Transeuropeen, France and the Albanian Media Institute, with the participation of representatives from all South East European countries as well as Constandin Gebert from Poland.
• Introduction to Nationalism Studies- guest speaker Guido Franzinetti of University of Turin, Italy.
• Presentation of the journal "Përpjekja", followed by a discussion. 
• Presentation of the book "Albania at war 1939-1944" - Guest speaker Bernd Fischer, of Indiana University, author of the book, followed by a meeting with graduate students of the department of history in Tirana University.
• Presentation of Prof. Mariella Pandolfi's research study "The typology of elites in post communist Albania", followed by the lecture "Introduction to Cultural Anthropology" delivered by her to the studentsof the Faculty of Sociology in Tirana University. 
• A two day conference bringing Albanian and Italian writers together, organized in cooperation with Grinzani Cavour Price Foundation in Italy - 26 Italian writers and journalist participated in the event. Special sessions were dedicated to Cesare Pavese and Italo Calvino.
• Albanian culture and the challenges of globalization - debate with the participation of Mr. Matsuura, General Director of UNESCO as honor guest. Mr. Matsuura made a presentation of UNESCO strategy in the region.
• Reporting Culture - a week long workshop with journalists covering culture in the Albanian media - organized in cooperation with the Institute of Culture and Civil Dialogue - Denmark, and the Albanian Media Institute.
• What is wrong with Albania? - debate with the participation of Prof. R.M.della Rocca, of Roma III University, author of the book "Albania- the roots of a crises- 1997", as guest speaker. 
• Debate on the special issue of the Italian geopolitical magazine "Limes" dedicated to the Balkans, with the participation of the director of the magazine, Lucio Caraciolo, followed by a discussion with students. 
• The politics of language in Albania - a debate 
• "New Europe, new Balkans" - conference organized with the support of the French Embassy and attended by the French Historian Bernard Lory, as a key speaker. 
• Conference with Veton Surroi “Albanian question and European integration”
• “Jusuf Vrioni” Annual Encounters – Censorship yesterday and today”- organized with the French Embassy with the participation of M.Calinescu from Bucurest University and Claude Arnaud- French writer.
• “Looking to future through the past- Albanian–American Relations” – A two days conference organized in cooperation with A.M.I and American Embassy, with the participation of seven scholars coming from US and Canadian Universities.
• “Looking for the lost dimension – Mediterranean and the West Balkans”- a two days conference organized in cooperation with Center of Contemporary Culture, Barcelona, with the participation of scholars from Spain, Italy, Greece, Montenegro, Croatia.
• Meeting with the director the American review “National review” 
• Meeting with Jacques Rupnique – Politologue/ France 
• “Euratlantic integration and the Western Balkans”, e meeting of think tanks of the region, in cooperation with NATO headquarters, Brussels.
• Meeting of a group of post-graduate students of University of Arts/Belgrade, as well as the Rector of this university with a group of Albanian artists. With the participation of the Minister of Culture, Mr. Blendi Klosi. Organized in cooperation with French Embassy. 
• Co-organizers of the Regional conference “Ethnic and religious dialogue in the Balkans” organized by Albanian President, Alfred Moisiu and UNESCO. Conference on terrorism, with the participation of Euan Anderson, in cooperation with American Embassy in Tirana.
• Jusuf Vrioni Encounters, “Albanian culture and its integration in Europe”, in cooperation with French Embassy. 
• “The post-nationalist Balkans”, organized in cooperation with CCC- Barcelona 
• “Islam in Europe”, in cooperation with CCC- Barcelona.
• Debate with Arber Xhaferi, Macedonia. 
• Meeting with Jane Kramer from New Yorker magazine.
• Combating piracy and the creation of an informative system for Albania and Western Balkans- in cooperation with Albanian Publishers Association.
• Historical changes and the return of memory – conference in cooperation with CCC Barcelona.
• Albania and Greece – two neighbour countries sharing problems and values – conference in cooperation with Greek Embassy, Tirana.
• Public/private space and democracy – an international conference organised in partnership with Center of Contemporary Culture, Barcelona, with the participation of Josep Ramoneda, Spain. Oliver Mongen, France, Edi Rama, Mayor of Tirana, Artan Fuga etc.
• The reconstruction of democracy and the rewriting of the past – with Jose Maria Ridao, witer and diplomat (Spain) as key speaker. 
• What’s left of the left? – debate on European left with Fernando Vallespín, Madrid, as moderator. 
• Transitions in the mirror – a conference to compare aspects of Albanian post communist transition and Spanish post Frankist transition – in cooperation with Spanish Embassy in Tirana.


• Presentation of Ismail Kadare's last novel - with the participation of the author- organized in cooperation with "Aleph" literary magazine.
• Poetry in search of its real and virtual audience - a debate - in cooperation with "Aleph" Magazine. 
• Presentation of the special issue of "Aleph" dedicated to Central European Literature (Austrian, Hungarian, Polish and Czech literature) 
• Special poetry evening dedicated to the poet Ilir Belliu.
• Presentation of Anthology of Albanian Poetry published in Italy. 
• Presentation of the book "Ethnonationalism in Europe" by Urs Altermatt, with the participation of the author. Organized in cooperation with Pro Helvetia.
• Presentation of the book "Albania - a kingdom of six months" by Ferdinando Salleo - with the participation of the author, ambassador F.Salleo, as well as the Italian editor Sellerio - In cooperation with Italian Embassy. 
• Presentation of the book "Despoti di Epirio e Principi di Macedonia" by Paolo Petta, with the participation of the president of the Italian Senate, Mr. Pera. 
• Presentation of the book "Moschopolis" by Max D. Peyfuss, with the participation of the author.
• Presentation of the Book “Statuti di Scutari” published by the University of Venice, Italy. With the participation of Prof.Ortalli, editor of series “Statuti di Venezia” 
• Discussion on the last novels of Fatos Kongoli. 
• Presantion of “Teodor Kavalioti: by prof. A.Uci, in cooperation with Albanian Academy of Sciences.
• "Hierionimus" Price awarded by the Book and Communication House for the best translation of human sciences books for year 2002/2003/2004.
• Presentation of Thomas Friedman’s book “Latitutes and longitudes”, with the presence of American ambassador and Albanian Minister of Foreign Miniser, as key speakers.
• Presentation of the Italian writer and journalist, Raffaele Nigro.
• Debate on the latest novel of Albanian writer Bashkim Shehu, ‘Moxart me Vonesë".


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